Monday, January 17, 2022
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Fedor vs. Arlovski at Affliction   
Fedor is matched against Arlovski at Affliction Event. This event will bring cool $2,000,000 to the winner. Here is what I think: Fedor will size his opponent for first round, then start punching away at Arlovski and third round will be Fedor's most probably striking.... The only thing that I worry about is cuts to Fedor's face if Arlovksi can get to Fedor's face.

This is one of the exciting fights this New 2009 and will be remembered for a while.

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01:07:49 AM
Fedor is the winner
Fedor knocked out Arlovski in a first round with his power punch. People had to see replay in order to figure out what really happened, it was so quick everyone was shocked. Fedor used his mental power over Arlovski who was way to aggressive with the fighter of Fedor stature. It works to be aggressive with opponents who rely on punching but not brains, Fedor used Arlovski aggression against him.
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01:42:07 AM
Something to read
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02:15:12 AM
Fedor is the Last Emperor
Here is video that I found online: http://www.fastclips.com/videos/MO14X17W3dOI
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07:31:03 PM
Fedor destroyed Arlovksi
It was unreal to watch how Fedor ended any hope of Arlovski to become MMA champion. It's just unreal...
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