Monday, January 17, 2022
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Georges St. Pierre vs. BJ Penn   
It was one way fight George St. Pierre dominated BJ Penn from the round one. It took him 4 rounds of 5 minutes each to stop BJ Penn. Actually fight was stopped by the doctor due to bruises that George St. Pierre inflicted on BJ Penn.
It never looked like BJ Penn was up to the challenge, GSP came as more prepared and dominant in the fight. He easily overcame BJ Penn defense and was able to bring him down to the ground where BJ Penn took a lot of beating. It was the first fight where BJ Penn got cut.

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09:53:37 PM
GSP cheated
GSP trainer Nurse put Vaseline on his hands and then he proceeded to rub St. Pierre's shoulders and chest. It happened between first and second rounds and GSP was able to wrestle BJ Penn starting second round, he was not able to do so during his first round.
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