Monday, January 17, 2022
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MMA Fighters Have Big Balls?   

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12:57:31 PM
Kickboxing for Cuts
Thanks to a good friend, I am now a secret warrior of Michael Andreula. Sheeeit, he probably does'nt even know i am, but i am.

I listen downloaded the Mp3 on Itunes search kickboxing it’s confusing to find. This will be the first, at-home-training session for me. i will then go into the gym i currently train at, and interpret my skills with that of which i am learning with those i train with & who help me & coach me.

I will let you all know how this tape is, as I am very exceited myself. I will listen this mp3 religiously and let you all in on what i have learned. i guess i am in a sense... self-promoting it, coz i am not doing it for money in my pocket or to help anyone else's pocket increase... i am simply doing this coz i know i will learn alot and hope you all can to.... of course if it is worth it.
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10:29:47 AM
Kickboxing for Cuts
i have heard his mma conditioning workout tape is the best or one of them by many peeps
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05:39:16 AM
Kickboxing for Cuts
I am starting tomorrow when my tape gets here.
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01:55:18 PM
Kickboxing for Cuts
Ok. i took the Kickboxing for Cut Workout experience. I highly recommend anyone and everyone to get this. Take note: do not take this experience lightly. The tape is a little over 60 minutes long, however the total workout should take you a little longer. You will break a sweat! This is the ultamite workout, expecially for training your stand up skills, and/ or aquiring them. You will learn to track how you hit, where it goes and what combos are comming after one another. you will learn different home work outs that require nothing but your body.. from abs to chest to neck workouts... Mike shows all.
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07:51:41 AM
Introducing CKO Kickboxing
All of you out there hitting your heavy bag in the basement-- five combinations and then updating facebook out of boredom (I was guilty of it!) Just try the class. The routine is really challenging. I used to be a member of CKO before moving out of state-- with my ADD, this is exactly what I needed!
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06:53:29 AM

I train at Dark Horse BJJ. Our stand-up conditioning consists of really just doing a bunch of strikes, but not as much push as I need. I have been using this for a week and my conditioning is really getting better. My stand-up is not my strong suit so I needed something like this.
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09:51:50 AM

I am very satisfied with the quality of the product. I use it in addition with P90X. This is a hard hitting work out likeiTrainer and Bas workout.
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08:35:51 AM
Introducing CKO Kickboxing
I would like a little more cross training. I skip past warm and stretch boring! I just do the punch and kick sections.
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08:13:31 AM
Introducing CKO Kickboxing
I disagree it’s a great workout! When using these classes, try not to take it easy.
Petisdom: Mike is a really enthusiastic instructor so he’s good at keeping you motivated while staying serious about doing things the right way and at full power. The class is audio so you can focus more on what you’re doing without distraction. His explanations on the technique are so good I think a blind person could do it! I have it on my iPod touch and I have been using it in gym mid-days
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11:17:34 AM
Introducing CKO Kickboxing
U should probably know some technique before you start. It’s too quick if you are a complete beginner. SLOW IT DOWN! Music could be better. But it’s cheap compared to my P90X
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09:12:14 AM
Introducing CKO Kickboxing
Well worth the money for $9.
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04:35:28 AM
Introducing CKO Kickboxing
After having two kids, I need this so bad!!
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